Youth Consultation

Youth Consultation

ProMo-Cymru’s work is guided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) which states that children and young people should have their views taken into account when adults are making decisions that affect them. The Welsh Assembly Government has adopted the UNCRC convention as the basis for any policy concerning children and young people in Wales.

This youth-led ethos ensures that ProMo-Cymru’s projects are developed from the needs and opinions of young people.  This approach has led to ProMo-Cymru being asked to consult on several projects for partners and clients to ensure that the views of young people inform their developments.

Offering bespoke consultation methods, ProMo-Cymru utilises its network of contacts across Wales within the voluntary and statutory sectors and youth-led communication projects to engage with young people from a variety of circumstances, backgrounds and geographical areas dependent upon the focus and aim of the consultation.

Committed to equal opportunities and inclusion, ProMo-Cymru ensures that it also targets the opinions of young people from hard-to-reach or marginalised groups as well as accessing young people in the mainstream.

Examples of our Consultation Methods