Meic Helpline

Meic Helpline

meicMeic is the national information, advice and advocacy helpline for children and young people in Wales aged 0 to 25. Young people can access the service by phone, SMS text message, web based instant messenger or e-mail.

ProMo-Cymru successfully ran a pilot with project partners to establish the model required to make distance advocacy possible. With this success they were awarded funding from the Welsh Assembly Government and formed a consortium to oversee the continued running and development of the Meic service.

Cywaith – The Consortium behind Meic

Cywaith is the Consortium led by ProMo-Cymru which runs Meic. The other members include:

Why is it called Meic? Meic = Meicroffôn = Microphone

Meic is an abbreviation of Meicroff which is Welsh for Microphone. The name was chosen with advocacy in mind as a microphone can amplify a young persons voice to make sure they are heard - similar to the concept of Advocacy.

Meic IT – Engaging with Youth Through Technology

Originally tasked with just developing a phone based service, ProMo-Cymru established the best way to engage with young people was to implement a text message, web instant message and e-mail system along with the phone line. All of the contact flows through a Virtual Call Centre which allows for quick expansion and helpline advisers who can work from almost anywhere in the UK.

Due to the confidential and anonymous nature of the service, ProMo-Cymru also created a bespoke and robust database as an off the shelf package did not have the functionality required for Meic. Amongst the databases functionality, the first All Wales Advocacy Services database was also created. The Advocacy Services Database is due to go online for all to access during the next phase of the project.

Meic’s Policies, Procedure and Training

With the help of its project partners, ProMo-Cymru has also developed the policies and procedures that govern the Meic service to ensure that Children and Young people receive the best service possible.

ProMo-Cymru and its project partners have also ensured that training in telephone and electronic communication skills, policies and procedures and the use of ICT are regularly provided to ensure the best qualified staff possible.

Meic Awareness Campaign

As well as designing the logo, ProMo-Cymru built the website and integrated the instant messenger service. As part of the marketing, ProMo-Cymru also launched a national campaign by advertising Meic on the radio, via billboards and on buses as well as presenting at conferences aimed at young people. An extensive linkbuilding campaign and Pay Per Click campaign are currently being used to extend the sites online reach.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is about helping a young person put their views across. Many young people experience informal advocacy from friends, parents and teachers as part of everyday life. There are some occasions when a young person cannot turn to friends, teachers or family and needs formal advocacy provided by organisations such as Meic.

Advocacy supports young people in difficult situations by ensuring their voice is heard, that they know their rights and have access to the same opportunities as others.

Young people can contact Meic by the following methods:

Phone: 080880 23456
Text: 84001
Instant Message & Website: