Meic Helpline

Meic Helpline

meicMeic is the national advocacy, information and advice helpline for children and young people in Wales aged 0 to 25. Young people can access the service by phone, SMS text message, web based instant messenger or e-mail.

ProMo-Cymru successfully introduced a universal advocacy helpline – the first of its kind in the UK. With this success they were awarded funding from the Welsh Government and formed a consortium to oversee the continued running and development of the Meic service.

A report detailing Meic’s journey over the past 4 years has recently been published.

Download report in English.

Download report in Welsh.

Cywaith – The consortium behind Meic

ProMo-Cymru is the employer organisation of Cywaith; the management board which oversees Meic.

The other members include:

Engaging with Children and Young People Through Technology

ProMo-Cymru established an open access helpline, utilising a bespoke Virtual Call Centre which developed helpline technologies including a bilingual phone line, SMS text messaging, instant messaging facility and e-mail service.

As part of the service delivery, ProMo-Cymru also created the All Wales Advocacy Services Database which holds information on all advocacy services in Wales.

Meic’s Policies, Procedures and Training

Due to the unique nature of the Meic Helpline, ProMo-Cymru and Meic’s key stakeholders have developed a bespoke induction and training programme, to ensure staff are trained to the highest standard. This includes; advocacy, information, advice and guidance, child protection and safeguarding training, crisis intervention, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, Youth Mental Health Training and a range of humanistic approaches to enable our dedicated and trained staff in dealing with a range of issues affecting children and young people in Wales today.

The Meic helpline operates to strict anonymity and confidentiality guidelines. The details of which can be found on the project website:

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is about helping a young person put their views across. Many young people experience informal advocacy from friends, parents and teachers as part of everyday life. There are some occasions when a young person cannot turn to friends, teachers or family and needs formal advocacy provided by organisations such as Meic.

Advocacy supports young people in difficult situations by ensuring their voice is heard, that they know their rights and have access to the same opportunities as others.

Young people can contact Meic using any of the following methods:

Phone: 080880 23456
Text: 84001
Instant Message & Website: